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Swimming Pool Cracks


A little knowledge goes a long way

Cracks can appear in the floor and wall tiles of the pool.  The cracked tiles may also fall off altogether.  If this happens, you may be able to apply adhesive and reapply a new tile.  If however, the damaged tiles have produced some structural damage to the pool, the problem is more serious.  In a situation like this, Torque Lock™ staples must be used to provide a Final Fix.

“I had a 15 foot crack in my pool that was fixed three times in the past. Three years ago the pool repair company used the torque-lock staples and the crack is fixed and never bothered me again. Great product! Works just like they say!” -David Goodman

Cracks can also appear in swimming pools with concrete ‘shells’. This is often a result of naturally-occurring movement in the surrounding ground. If the damage to the concrete is minor, this can be easily repaired with our guaranteed, patented Torque Lock Staples.