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About The Torque Lock Warranty


Use the link below to print the Torque Lock warranty

Torque Lock™ warrants its products to be free from manufacturing defect for 10 years and will meet all the published physical requirements. When installed in accordance with industry standards, Torque Lock™ will replace defective material only. There are no other warranties by Torque Lock™ of any nature whatsoever expressed or implied including any warranty of accountability or fitness for a particular purpose in connection with this product. Torque Lock™ shall not be liable for damages of any sort including, remote or consequential damages resulting from any claims, breach of warranty whether expressed or implied whatsoever. Torque Lock™ shall not be liable under any legal theory for special or consequential damages.

Download a PDF copy of the warranty.


Contractor shall have the right to warrant labor depending upon the severity or the structural repair. Contractor will not be responsible for any other structural cracks besides the cracks repaired with the Torque Lock* system. It is highly recommended that the contractor take pictures of original repair and retain for their records. In the event of a repaired failure, contractor has the right to repair the area of failure only. It is noted that some cosmetic variation may appear.

Costs as to water replacement, chemicals, land and loss of use are not covered. Warranty is void unless account has been paid in full. Neither Torque Lock™, nor contractors, shall be held responsible for any acts of nature (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, etc.)

NOTE: Warranty is not transferable unless contractor has been notified in writing, and a visual inspection has been done prior to closing by a representative of the contractor and authorization has been given in writing to transfer such warranty.